Annika's first litter: with Odilon of Simchats

Born: July 3, 2008.

Mother: Annika av Litte Kattestupet.

Father: Odilon of Simchat.

Rolf and Pauline of cattery van de Damychris: many thanks for the stud service of your wonderful boy Ollie, we love his kittens "too much"!!   

1  male  73 gram  red w/ white (almost Van pattern) Harald

stays in cattery

2  female 79  gram  black tortie w/ white Hanna

stays in cattery

3  female 88  gram  black tortie w/white Hallveigh

stays in cattery


1 Week old:


As you can see Hanna and Hallveigh have funny looking backs. They have what is called "fever coats" or also: they are "frosted kittens", and it looks as if a layer of icing sugar has been sprinkled all over their backs. This makes it hard to assess what colours they really have. For now I think they are both tortie with white girls.
I'm not sure if Harald is a frosted kitten as well because of him having a totally white back, so I have no idea what he is going to look like. He may end up as a Harlequin with a completely white back, but he may have some red spots on his back as well, it's not possible to tell at this point!


Two weeks old and seen from above: Harald, Hanna and Hallveigh.


This is Harald at about 10 weeks of age: reclining in the arms of Jack is his most favorite pass-time for some reason.... These two have become best friends rapidly. This is the reason why Harald is not going to move, he will stay with us.


These pictures were taken September 25, 2008. The litter was 12 weeks old and already the kittens are showing a lot of promis!


 Hanna has a way with looking just too cute.

Hallveigh showing her profile....


The kittens are 4months old in the following pictures.


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