a.k.a. Narvik's Reth-Butler

born: 07.07.2000
title: European Champion
blood group: A

current status: neutered.

mother: Fermund's Britomartis

father: EC. Belgarion's Barak

Buddy the way he is looking today....


Buddy as a young kitten still with his mother and siblings....


Buddies' offspring: with Pernille
                              with Tro
                              with Japp 


date cat club place title judge
Oct. 29th 2000 NLKV Rotterdam U1 H. Schlosser
Aug. 26th 2001 Saint Pro Cat Woerden CAC M. Heinen
Oct. 28th 2001 NLKV Hellevoetsluis CAC L. Wal
Jan. 13th 2002 Felikat Schiedam CAC (Champion)
Nominated BIS
A. Uddin
Feb. 17th 2002 NLKV Wilnis CACIB
BIV, Nominated BIS
A. Kolzer
May 5th 2002 Saint Pro Cat Rijsbergen CACIB
L. Wal
Sept. 1st 2002 BLKV St. Job in 't Goor (Belgium) CACIB (International Champion) M. Heinen
Oct. 13th 2002 ECF Brielle CAGCI M. Daelemans
Jan. 26th 2003 Neocat Utrecht CAGCI
BIV, Nominated BIS
J. Beulen
Apr. 6th 2003 BLKV Rijkevorsel (Belgium) CAGCI (Great Int. Champion)
Nominated BIS
P. Peters
July 6th 2003 ITAVC Kleve (Germany) CACE
Nominated BIS
B. Gorritzka
Jan. 24th 2004 Neocat Utrecht CACE U. Gremmel
Mar. 28th 2004 De Vrienden der Kat St. Niklaas (Belgium) CACE (European Champion)
Nominated BIS
J. Peters




Belgarion's Barak

red tabby mackerel w/ white

IC. Steigar Jussi B

black w/ white

EC Felix

black w/ white

IC. Mar'Michel's Midoori Mahjong

black tortie w/ white

C. Giovanni Bizzaro av Hulder
C. Mar'Michel's Mrs. Beutiful Baby
IC. Tauron's Rusta

black tortie tabby mackerel w/ whtie

C. Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase

red tabby mackerel w/ white

Glitterfjordens Juno Satyrus
Asynja's Bejla
Pocahonta's Bashina

black tabby mackerel w/ white

EC. Tassajara's Gro
Malarkluddens Ronja
Fermund's Britomartis DM

black tortie tabby mackerel w/ white

Syvertine's Wictor

blue tabby mackerel w/ white

GIC Lado Skogmann H.T.

black tabby mackerel

C. Lado Tristan
Syvertine's Aline


Tronderskogens El Dorado
Gundbo's Sabrine
Trollfjell's Kirby

black silver tortie tabby mackerel w/ white

Scherman's R.T.G. Andrejev

red silver tabby mackerel w/ white

C. Porfyrgardens Abbadon
Kristina av Baune
C. Trollfjell's Beladonna


C. Lado Fantomet Solve H.T.
Trollfjell's Miranda




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