a.k.a.: Mischka, after the Moscow Olympic Games bear mascotte, as he is also looking like a little Teddy Bear!
d.o.b.: March 12, 2007

mother: Clava

father: Buian

Thursday March 8th: Clava asks me to put up the birthing carrier, she has used before to give birth to her kittens. I do as she asks and think nothing of it....
March 13th: I'm coming downstairs in the morning to find find her completely satisfied in the carrier, purring her head off. Wondering what's going on over there I take a look and discover a tiny grey and black striped tail between her hairs. She has given birth that evening, after we had gone to bed, to one kitten: a boy with a black tabby mackerel coat. He was dry and looked like at least 10 hours old. Weight: 119 grams and gaining rapidly. He has been growing like weed from day 1.

Here are two pictures of the solo kitten at 2 weeks:

BTW: yes, he talks a lot!

Three weeks old in the next pictures:

Four weeks old in the next pictures:

Micha has discovered the world is bigger than his box and the red couch. He is exploring the living room when we let him take off, and the other cats already start to play with him. It looks like rough play, but they never hurt him.
Micha has also discovered that people are fun. He loves to sit with us, play with our hands (ouch) and fall asleep in our arms or some where near one of us. He climbs up our sweaters to lick our faces when we hold him, he is 4 weeks old and has started to lick him self every where, so he is a very clean boy on top of being the most lovable kitten imaginable! 

Five weeks old in the next picture:
And six weeks old:

Eight weeks:

Nine weeks:

Ten weeks and just back from his first shots:

10 weeks under Clavas' watchful eye.....

Clava playes a lot with Micha. They seem to have a lot of fun together!