Our breeding policy 


We do our very best to breed healthy, sweet tempered kittens of the best possible type and we want them to live happy and long lives! We're sorry that we had to learn from our previous experiences: it is necessary to ask for certain conditions. If you want a kitten from our cattery, read this carefully please! 


We don't sell to people who will let the kitten roam freely. If you have a pen in the garden, or a fully secured balcony/garden, we are very happy that the kitten will be able to enjoy the "outdoors" at their new home, but under no circumstances are they to be allowed to live a stray life on the streets. Cats and traffic don't mix very well! 
We don't place an only kitten at homes where people are gone for the entire day. Both Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberian Cats need the company of people and preferably also of another cat/animal room mate, like a dog, as they are very sociable and active animals. Don't be surprised to find your only kitten in the curtains, the couch or your clothes and cabinets, if it's getting bored by being alone. Some cats don't like other cats, and usually one can notice this at an adult age. In that case we don't mind the cat to live alone of course; if it's happy this way, it's the best possible life for this cat. But otherwise we'd rather place kittens with another cat/animal or two kittens at once. 

We don't sell to people who "collect" cats. We have 14 adult cats and some kittens right now, as you have been able to see in our web site, and we notice time and again that most of them think that's quite enough, even though they may have the run of the whole house and a small garden. 
We look for "fur-ever" homes for our kittens. The best possible life we can imagine is a lazy life as a neuter. If you want to take the kitten to shows or breed it, we don't oppose, on the condition that the cat is healthy and being handled wisely. It's best to ask us about these subjects and if you want to breed a girl or boy from our cattery, please inform us up front.
It's our experience that young cats don't mind to live in a big group (and how big "big" is, depends on the cat itself, the group it's living with, de living space and some other factors that may vary from situation to situation), but older -so usually neutered- cats may have problems with living in a large group. To prevent re-homing at an older age because of group size, we like to see our kittens and cats living in smaller groups of 2 to 5 - 6 individuals. 

We, or at least one of us, will always bring the kitten to your home; this includes new homes overseas. It is our experience, that youngsters adjust better to their new homes with some one familiar around. We don't ship, we bring. 
We don't sell to people who will or might de-claw our kitten. When you subscribe our contract, you will agree to never mutilate any kitten of our cattery in this way, and when you are buying a breeder from us, you will agree not to sell offspring from our kitten to people who want or might want to have this procedure done. 
We don't sell to people who keep cats in cages. 

We expect you to take care of our kitten as if it were your own child and to keep it safe from traffic and other hazardous situations. 
We always want to know where and with whom our kitten is living. If a buyer is no longer able to take care of the kitten, it will always be welcome to return to our home. Or we will help to find a new owner for the cat. Every kitten, that is born in our cattery, will be our responsibility until the very end. 


Our kittens come regularly de-wormed, fully vaccinated against panleucopenia and upper respiratory disease (and Rabies if need be), with pedigree and micro identification chip. A health certificate will be written by our vet if so wished, but if a cat would die very young we will need an autopsy (post mortem) to decide on what to do regarding a possible replacement.  

Thank you for reading our breeding policy and the terms of our contract. Please feel free to contact us any time!