Dariia's first litter: with Ditmar!

d.o.b.: April 27th, 2007

Siberian mommy Dariia

Norwegian daddy Ditmar


 male    92 grams  black & white (some toes, locket and belly)




 female  106 grams  tortie (with white?)




 male    98 grams  black



May 8th: the litter is 11 days old.


May 13th, sitting with their visitors:

first born baby boy, Guus

the little girl, Sarah

second baby boy, Ate (Frisian)

Guus, 3 weeks old.


Ate, 3 weeks old! 

Guus, Sarah and Ate, 4 weeks old!

Guus, 5 weeks old. He was sleeping on the couch completely stretched out and on his back!

Sarah, 5 weeks old on a chair playing by herself!

And last but not least: Ate, 5 weeks old, sleeping with momma Dariia and his brother Guus on a piece of card board.....

This picture was taken June 20, 2007: the entire family including daddy Ditmar, was laying on a new chair together, looking totally content. Ditmar is licking Dariia's head...

This picture was taken July 23, 2007, the day before they left home:

Each kitten had grown up to almost half Dariia's size already!! I think they are going to be sturdy big cats. Look at Ate's right "hand": with snow shoes....

We had such fun with these kittens. They were nosey, playfull and some times even down right cheaky, trying to steal food off of our plates! I am looking forward to having another litter from Dariia in a year or so. 


Ate & Sarah

Guus with his new friend Cees

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