born September 14th 2002

died November 28th 2003

Holger and Jalle at a show. Holger was only 4 or 5 months old in these pictures. I was trying to find a good home for Jalle and thought a show might just dot he trick. Well, they both went home with me!

Holger on June 11, 2003:
9 months old in these pics.

I know it's a large picture, but I love the way he is showing his lovely features in here and didn't want to make it any smaller. His tail is looking bushy and his back shows the kind of fur I like so much: firm, yet smooth. Water repellent, so to say.
This picture was also taken on June 11, '03.

Holger was already very sick in this picture. He had gone blind on one eye, his left one, and he was growing thinner by the week. Picture taken August 16, 2003. He loved to lay in boxes, on top of boxes, in between boxes.... He made it look like the comfiest place on earth! Dear boy.... 

 Making funny faces
 October 18, 2003

The last picture we took of him: November 14, two weeks before he died.