Indies first litter: Jøst, Jorek, Jarleiv and Jesper.


born on June 26th 1999

The proud father: Int. Ch. Moondust's Fever Filou. Filou already had fathered very big kittens with his "regular queen" Beeba, so he was an obvious choice.

More on Moondust can be found at the link page!

Four little boys entered this world, squeaking and looking for their mothers' tummy... Since they were so small, we couldn't see them at all most of the time through Indies fur. Having had a slow and difficult start they finally began to grow and turned into fine young lads, much to our delight! 
At the age of 1 week they had grown too big to hide in mamas' fur. After looking into several possibilities Indy had found this location all by herself, not accepting any box or soft place for her babies. Later on I put a blanket underneath for smooth surface and they stayed there for a week or two. Then I moved them into a litter box and Ingeborg accepted. Finally!!!
6 weeks old
Jøst Jorek Jarleiv Jesper
10 - 12 weeks old
10 - 12 months old

Weight: 4 kilos


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