Ingeborg av Litte Kattestupet


born: July 21rst, 1997

died: November 1rst, 2007

Ingeborg is our little 'princess on the pea'. As in the fairy tale her crown is invisible, but in every other way she is of royal birth. She may act quite haughty sometime, we love her anyway! "Indy" is a quiet lady, she doesn't say much and when she speaks, she does so in a sweet, low voice without any bad language or whatsoever! She is a typical outdoors cat, even rain or snow doesn't keep her in! She has the fur for it, I guess....
Indy is a kitten from Dunjas first litter. She had found people for herself, but after having celebrated a long holiday over there for about 6 months, she decided it was time to go home. So she did and now she is living with us again, together with brother Ivar and the rest of the bunch!
Ingeborg is not very big: she hasn't even got 3 kilo! Her nose line is not exactly as long and  straight as it should be and her eyes are a little bit too round (at shows). But she has a fabulous coat: it is as tough as a tabby cats', without knotting easily, it's long with a nice ruff in wintertime and she has a wonderful thick furry tail! I love the proportions in her body, every thing in the right size in the right place. The hairs coming out of the ears are long and plenty, she has the most remarkable green eyes. Her paws look like lions' claws, in proportion of course! With the right mate she might give wonderful babies! So last year we gave it a try.....     We found her a beautiful mate, dressed in black only. She had the fur, he had the nose. What would their babies be like?              
Well.... take a look at Jøst, Jorek, Jarleiv and Jesper!
12 weeks old (summer 1997) summer 1998 Februari 1999
June 17th, 2000 she got her second litter with Calle av Froskeland: two boys and a girl. See Solvaks, Solvar and Solveig in their own page!
March 13th 2001 we had our princess altered. She will enjoy life as a happy neuter from now on.
After some time it became clear that Indy was being pestered by some of our cats. She didn't have a good life with us any more, being hunted and disturbed in her sleep all the time. With a heavy heart I brought her to her new home, where she was going to live with a former Maine Coon stud and a Devon Rex without curls. After she had had a good long sleep of about 2 months, she decided that she was going to be the queen of the castle and exactly that she has been ever since.

Here she is with Max, the Maine Soon and Devon, the Devon Rex without curly hair.

And once more with Max. Pictures taken Summer/Fall 2006.


Sadly we got the message on Nov. 2nd 2007 that Indy has died very suddenly the evening before. The vet thinks it was a heart attack. She will be greatly missed by her feline and human friends.