Jasmijns' first litter: with Calle

born June 28th, 2002


August 17th 2002, Jasmijn oversees her offspring playing in the room

Calle on August 12th 2002, picture taken by Carsten Oosting.

1 male 1 black tabby mackerel w/ white Snorre


2 female 52 gram black tabby mackerel w/ white Giddion


3 male 80 gram red tabby (?) w/ white Borre


4 male 1 red tabby mackerel w/ white Jalle


5 male 1 red tabby mackerel w/ white Pelle


6 female 1 red tabby mackerel w/ white Sassa

stays with us

Two stills from a film, made on July 4th, 2002; the kittens are a little over 1 week old here.

Calle just loves his babies!! Jasmijn doesn't always like it when he joins in, but he won't let her spoil his fun....







This picture was taken on August 12th,2002 by Carsten Oosting. The kittens are 6 weeks old.

< August 14th,2002, Sassa and Jalle are playing and v what Calle has taught his kittens: it's fun to eat boxes!! All over their room little pieces of paper, perforated by tiny teeth, are lying around.

^ Borre (left) and Pelle (right) 6 weeks old.

6 weeks old, precious moment with mom & dad. Little Giddion was still a boy at this age.... Now the vet has seen them we know better! Even though we can't find one single red hair on Giddion, she is a girl. So the search is still on: where is this one red hair she must have??
7 weeks old: both sisters having their portrait taken. Giddion is much smaller than Sassa, so these pics could put you on the wrong foot. Aren't they adorable, these little princesses??
But... no red in Giddions' fur, right?

As tiny as Giddion may be, she is a fighter. Her brother Borre on the right has been very small too in the beginning, but at 7 weeks he is second heaviest, right behind Pelle.

Snorre attacking the shoe and walking the chair... Two of his favorite occupations!

Pelle close up, 7 weeks old....

.....and Jalle with the shoe, one of his favorite pass-times too!

father Calle and son Jalle, looking so much alike.

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