born : June 3rd, 2003

died August 30th, 2004 from FIP.

This is Marfa, 19 weeks old. Her nose doesn't show that she is a real tabby, one might think it's all ghost marking on that little body!

7 months old, having some serious quality time with dad... 

8 months old
Not the best of pictures, but she was looking just too cute.... 

No really, I'm quite comfy!!
10 months old

11 months old

11 months old, with Grandma Clava and Auntie Dariia. They were very close and I found them sleeping like this on many occasions. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures!! 

All seemed to be OK. We still had Marfas' sister Mura and her 2 brothers Magadan and Malenko living with us, when the unimaginable happened: Marfa got sick and proved to be ill beyond getting well again. I forcefed her in the end, although she would eat by herself, but never enough. She lost weight gradually at first and then rapidly in the end. She was never going to regain full health, we learned on august 30th, 2004.... We decided it had been enough and it was time to let her go. We had her euthanised that very visit at the vets'... 
She was brought in for a post mortem that very day. She appeared to have been ill with FIP, and cats don't get better from that horrible disease. Our very special girl with her large snow shoes and her very lovable temper never stood a chance..... 

Find out more about FIP here


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