d.o.b.: September 13, 2011

died Jan. 10, 2012 probably of FIP.

These pictures were taken Febr. 13, 2012, the day Matvey turned 5 months old.

March 23, 2012, Matvey playing with himself in a big waste paper box.....

Shortly after the picture below was taken, Matvey moved to dear friends of ours, together with Grisha. They came to live with Micha, Elmar and all of their friends. Both Matvey and Grisha got used to their new home fairly quick and seemed very happy there. Only months later the new owner called just to tell Matvey wasn't doing so well. Lots of blood tests, medicines, special food and more tests later, and months of agony for Matvey's dear human friends, he passed away. The vet thinks he developed FIP.
Matvey left behind two devastated new human friends and us, his first "owners". He is dearly missed.