Sassa's 4th litter: with an unknown daddy

but we think we know who is the culprit!!                  

Mommy Sassa

Most likely to be the father: Kalle

As Kalle is Sassa's own grandson, we have decided to let their kittens go without a pedigree. 

Born: June 28, 2008

1  female  95 gram  red tabby blotched w/ white Ciska (Princess Sissi)


2  female  111 gram  red tabby mackerel w/ white (Bernadette)Ditte


3  female  105 gram  red tabby mackerel w/ white Debbie (Debster)


4  male   110 gram  red tabby mackerel Baby Boy


5  female  115 gram  red tabby mackerel Nala


 This picture was taken July 7th when they were 9 days old. They have been growing like little weeds, thick fat babies they are! Sassa is a very devoted mother and she keeps asking for  food and goodies....

July 7th: first born baby and definitely a girl! 
July 7th: born as the second kitten, and at this point it was impossible to see if this were a boy or a girl....  

July 7th: this is the boy of the lot, and we're certain of that!!  

July 14th: Sassa with her 2 week old kittens. 

July 24th: Sassa moved her kittens into a larger area (created with our help) so her little ones would have more space to develop their skills. It soon became clear what their skills are: climbing!! But here they are on the brown blanket all together, still innocent.....



August 6, 2008: the kittens are 5 weeks old now, and I thought it would be nice to take pictures of each of them, like little portraits.  Ugh, they are very agile and hardly ever sit still for a moment. But here goes:



Baby boy


Pictures taken September 11, 2008:

Ditte, Baby Boy and Nala together in a little chair.

Debbie to the left and Sissi (Pluis) in the scratching post.


Three months old in the pictures below (and Baby Boy's last day in our house):

Nala and Baby Boy sleeping together....

Ditte on the left and Debbie on the right.


These pictures of Sissi were taken some time later on her last day in our house:

Sisca (Sissi - now known as Pluis)  in her new home
Ditte    (now known as Ditmar) in her new home
Debbie   (now known as Lucy) in her new home
Baby Boy (now known as Boebla) in his new home
Nala     (now known as Signe) in her new home