Tashas' first litter: with Colja

born October 28th, 2001

1 Male 57 gram point   died Oct. 29th, 2001
2 Female 63 gram black silver tabby    died Oct. 29th, 2001
3 Male 62 gram black smoke w/ white   Grigorii Coljavich Nezhny Woin died Oct. 3rd, 2002*
4 Male 70 gram seal silver tabby point Godomir Coljavich Nezhny Woin sold
5 Male 58 gram point   died Oct. 30th, 2001
6 Male 75 gram seal silver tabby point Gureiko Coljavich Nezhny Woin sold

Here they finally are: the three boys of Tasha and Colja, one week old in the picture. Godomir is leaning on Grigorii, who is leaning on Gureiko. Boy, life can be heavy!!

 Gureiko one week old....

.....Grigori, one week old....

Grigorii with his two brothers, 10 days old in this picture. Gureiko is on the right, Godomir on the left. They took a long time to open their eyes: when they were about 20 days old, they all finally could see the world they had come into to make richer.  

Then one day, November 22nd, Grigorii decided it was time for a walk in the room. Under the watchful eye of his mother, he discovered the world had to be much bigger than the little room he and  his brothers had been living in for the past 3 weeks.  
Grigorii is going to look a lot like his mom. 

 Three days later they all went for a stroll in the living room!  

Godomir and Grigorii together on the left and down: little Gureiko all by himself! 

He's brave little boy, Gureiko, he is! 

The next pictures are taken on December 3rd. The kittens were 4 weeks old and active!! 




The following pictures were taken on December 6th, 2001. The kittens were 5 weeks old here.
 < Godomir and Grigorii at play.  


 Godomir and Grigorii asleep v

I'm sorry, I can't help myself: Godomir is too cute when he is falling asleep!! 

And so is Grigorii by the way.

And Gureiko three times: just awake, eating (one of his favorite pass times...) and climbing up a transport box for the first time. How exciting it is to be higher all of the sudden!!

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