Venera Dikaya Krassa


Mother: Trifena Dikaya Krassa

Father: Udalets Dikaya Krassa


June 2011 - Vera had just arrived in our home from cattery 't Wieltje. She had been living at 't Wieltje for about 1.5 years, given birth to her first litter over there and because she didn't seem really happy over there, Cora decided it might be better for Venera to live some where else, so she came to us. We can't thank Cora and Frans enough for giving Venera and us the chance to live together! THANK YOU!!
July 2011 - Maybe not the best of pictures, but this is the typical Vera-look!
September 13, 2011 Vera had 4 lovely kittens. Find them in their own page: Mishka, Miron, Matvey and Mussia.

Because Vera is an extremely protective mother, we had to move her and the babies to the little room upstairs. She didn't seem to mind at all!!!