Askjell av Litte Kattestupet 



Born February 26, 2005

Askjell on the couch, 4 months old, and "en profil".....

As you can clearly see in this picture: Askjell has "some thing" with his left eye. He has had it from birth, like our Siberian girl Donja has had it from birth. How come this happened twice in our cattery, I really don't know. Fact is, he can still see with this eye, although the pupil is always open (paralyzed). When the light is too bright he will close the left eye partially or completely, but in the dark his other pupil is almost similarly wide open and then it's hardly visible! Askjell also has tear ducts that are some how not completely open. He will have dirty sides of his nose at times, and at other times his face is clean. He doesn't want me to clean it for him, he is a big boy and can do it by himself.

Askjell and Ditmar are good friends (pictures taken in May and August 2006):

Apart from having feline friends, Askjell is also very keen on getting petted by us as much as possible. He will put his big paws on my legs standing up on his hind legs, asking for a cuddle. When I pick him up he is in heaven and there is no way he can express his pleasure enough. He will come back again and again, to get more! For short: Askjell is a love-bug. (This makes it also very hard to take good pictures of him, because he will come running to me as soon as he sees me - with the camera or otherwise.) 


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