Pippis' litter with Calle


born February 26th, 2005

1 Female 99 gram red tabby w/ white (harlequin pattern) Annika av Litte Kattestupet

stays in cattery

2 Male 109 gram red tabby mackerel w/ white Askjell av Litte Kattestupet


3 Female 102 gram red tabby w/ white (harlequin pattern) Ase av Litte Kattestupet



the proud momma....

Pippi waited for me to come downstairs that morning.... She has done this before, and I joked around with her, telling her to start on saturday morning, and she *did*!! So when I "finally" came down, she immediately took me on a tour through the living room to find the perfect spot to give birth.
When we found the place, she started to have contractions and around 13:00 CET she gave me the first kitten: a girl. I had hoped for at least one girl, and here she was! She has an almost perfect van-pattern with a little red dot between the shoulder blades, which will grow more clearly as she grows older. The next kitten took her some time, and it was a boy, a bit bigger than his sister, but some how Pippi had more troubles to get him see the day light.... He has the most red of the litter but still almost too little to see what kind of tabby he is wearing. The third kitten took her time as well, and she has a big head, similar to her brother, so I guessed at a second boy. Much to my surprise it turned out to be a girl as well.
The next pictures are not the best in the world, but I wanted to disturb the newly born kittens the least possible, so not all are the way that show their features best. It'll have to do, some better will come soon enough!

The first kitten.

The second kitten. The picture on the left had to be darkened to show the kittens' head better. This is one of those less-than-perfect pics! This boy is quiet, he is very easily soothed when I hold him in my hands and doesn't yell or cry for long.

The third kitten. A girl as well! This girl has a very loud voice and she uses it! But even she is soothed very quick when I hold her in my hands.
This trio is a dream in red & white.....................
The kittens are 1 week old in these two pictures. They still sleep, drink, get washed and sleep again...
left: Annika
down right: Ase
upper right: Askjell.

 3 weeks old in these pics....
in the picture on the right: Askjell and Annika
in the pictures down lower: Ase talking....
..... and the little family happily together in their nest.....

From the moment the kittens opened their eyes it was clear there was some thing wrong with Askjell's eyes. First of all he has one pupil that seems to be lame, it doesn't close - even with very bright light. Second thing to become clear was that the tear ducts don't seem to function well. They may even be not function at all.... Askjell often has tear stripes running down his face and his cheeks often are dirty. For the rest he doesn't seem to be bothered by this at all. He was a bit clumsy at jumping in the beginning, but that he has corrected that completely and he seems to see pretty well. The vet thinks his vision in the dark is almost normal, just in clear day light he squints his left eye. The reflex of his right eye (cross-reflex) is normal when a light is shone into the left eye. To us he is simply Askjell, a very lovable boy. 

5 weeks old and just so *cute*!!




in the three little pictures above the kittens are 6 weeks old....
More pictures taken that same day:

What happens if you put three youngsters in a chair.... 

...and wave a tree branch?

Ase at 2 months of age.... Askjell and Annika.....

Ase, Askjell 


Annika 3 months old....




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