*S Mar'Michel's Madame Pikatchu




born: January 31st, 2001 

nick name: Pippi

These pictures are made by Marika Söreskog and hers are the copyrights!!

As I was looking through web sites of various breeders of Norwegian Forest Cats, my eye was caught by one of the males, that cattery Mar'Michel's was having at that time: Freddy av Myre. His full brother Donny av Myre is well known in Holland for the many kittens he has sired, but Freddy had no direct offspring over here yet. I looked at the many sons and daughters that Freddy had sired with different queens and I decided I wanted a girl after him!
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Freddy quickly became one of my favorite Norwegian Forest Cats after I saw his picture for the first time.
The next action was making inquiries about the plans of the breeder.
There were two litters at the time. They happened to be Freddies' last ones. I fell for the red tabby & white kitten, they called Mme. Pikatchu... This picture shows her mother *S Mar'Michels Halina Husky.  Mme. Pikatchu looks a lot like her and I really hope she will have her mothers' love for showing!! We were thrilled when Marika wrote the news, that Pippi -as we started to call her after a book figure from the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren- was going to be our little lady.
Now we had to find a good opportunity to get her to our home. A precious princess like Pippi deserved a special treatment, so we decided I was going to pick her up by plane.
The weekend of June 16th & 17th I flew to Denmark.

Pippis' breeder was coming to Copenhagen and we were finally able to meet and talk. A good friend of Marikas' took us into her home for the weekend and she had us meet several other breeders in Copenhagen. I had a great time and went home with the most beautiful kitten I could ever wish for!!

In this picture Pippi and her litter mates are 1 week old. Pippi is the one in the middle with the most white and the red spots on the back & body. She has a white tail tip and little white ears tips as well....

Isn't she the cutest little thing???

Pippi is very talkative. According to her breeder she started talking 2 seconds after she was born, and so did her brothers and sisters!

Here Pippi is 5 weeks old.
"A bit shy?" you may think, but nothing could be further from the truth! Around this time the breeder was visited by another breeder from Finland. Pippi chased her feet all the time and the lady left the house almost crying, because this kitten wouldn't leave her feet alone!

Here she is with her sisters, about 7 weeks old.... They look so sweet and yet take the house apart, when you dare look the other way!

Marika & Michael of cattery *S Mar'Michel's, thank you so much for entrusting this precious girl to us. She is the apple of my eye!

Pippi was over 4 months old when she came...

...to our house and she had just made....

... a very long and tiring trip....





...so she actually slept for two entire weeks before she started to get used to our house and its' residents. In the end she made friends with several cats. She seems to be very satisfied living with us, and we hope she'll be a happy member of our "little" feline family for a long time!

Christmas 2001.... Pippi's favorite place in the house: the top of a cabinet next to one of my self made Teddy bears. Isn't she just a dream?

September 14th 2002 Pippi gave us her first litter: Hedda and Holger

August 2003

 Late Summer 2003, she's an adult queen now.
 I just love her to pieces!

New Years Day 2004: Pippi has found a very good spot in a black chair! I should have combed her ruff before taking the picture, but she was sitting there so nicely I thought I'd better take the picture first and then comb her ruff..... 

May 2004: Pippi in winter coat! What went wrong?? 

February 26th, 2005: Pippi has become the proud mother of 3 red & white kittens!