Pippis' first litter: with Jonas

born: 14-09-2002



Cees & Ina, thank you very much for the chance of having Jonas' kittens at our cattery. They are lovely both character and type wise! 

There they are: Pippis' kittens, two weeks after they are born. As we are having two more litters at this time, they have been forgotten a bit.... I'm sorry! But aren't they gorgeous??
The girl is a black tortie w/ white and the boy is a cream w/ white, but the cream is very dark! Sorry, both are already spoken for....

We called the little girl Hedda. In these pics she is 3 months old. The right one is not the best of pictures, I promise there are better to come!
The little boy is called Holger. He is going to stay with us, I just love him too much!! To me this boy is my almost perfect Norwegian Forest Cat. See the pictures in his own page (link lower down), you will see that I'm right!! 




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