Born June 28th, 2002

Borre is quite big already, but he still has the voice of a tiny kitten. Every time he talks, he makes me smile. In these pictures he is 6.5 months old.

having a play fight with Jalle....

Like his siblings Borre is one heck of a hunter: no fly is safe in his vicinity! 
Borre in his Winter coat.... This picture was taken March 16th, 2002.
Borre is still living with us. I believe this lovely young cat would be much better off living with less cats and careful, soft tempered people, that can leave him be. He's got a sensitive disposition, I think he could do with some TLC x 2..... Not having to share with a lot of cats would mean a lot to him! He's not a lap cat, but he just loves to cuddle and being petted is one of his favorite pass-times. Borre is a very special boy!  

June 2006

Summer 2007





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