Clavas' second litter: with Iwanka Nordlicht.

born: July 12th, 2002

Mommy Clava with Dorofei, 1 week old.

Daddy Iwanka

Uschi of cattery Iz Ermitage: thank you very very much for Iwanka's babies!!
They are incredible!! 

1 male 111 grams red tabby mackerel w/ white Dorofei sold
2 female 92 grams seal tabby point Donja sold
3 female 78 grams seal tabby point w/ white Dariia stays with us
4 female 86 grams black tortie tabby mackerel Dunamis sold
5 male 109 grams red w/ white Diodor sold





The kittens are 1 week old in these pictures. The last born kitten has his eyes open already, the others are a bit behind...
2 weeks old in the following pictures:



Dunamis from above

Dariia from the side

Dorofei from the side

and somehow Diodor was missed this time....

This picture was taken on August 12th, 2002 by Carsten Oosting. Little Donja is exactly 1 month old in this picture!!

Diodor, 5 weeks old

Dorofei, also 5 weeks old....

Dunamis, 5 weeks old too. See her red coming through?? She has a little bit on her cheek (the right one...) and a little red toe on the same side of her body. And a little spot of the same on her right shoulder blade. We do hope to see a bit more red in future!

Diodor, August 20, 2002

Donja, 6 weeks old

Diodor and Dariia

Dariia at the age of 6 weeks.

Dunamis is too tired to stay awake, but also too nosey to sleep...
6 weeks old!



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