Ch. Iz Ermitage Clava Magadanovna


born April 15th 1999
Sleeping beauty.

Clava with 4 months of age. She came to live with us, looking like the perfect Norwegian Forest Cat. As she started to grow, she appeared to be the most beautiful Siberian Cat I have seen in a long time!!!! When she was a kitten, she often stood before me, asking me to pick her up. She would hug me with her soft paws and nose around in my face and hair.

Since then she has come a long way. Clava has become very sturdy. She's a big boned cat, well build with great muscles and all the other features she needs for a really good Siberian!
Clowning around.....

This cat must have a well developed sense of humor! I often find her in the most peculiar places and poses. And sometimes she's just lying there being pretty....


She doesn't like it very much to go to cat shows, but she gets nominated BIS "on a regular base". She is invited to come to the Asian part of Russia for her World title, as well as her brothers Nico and Colja!!! Colja can be seen in the Iz Ermitage homepage, see links.
Now enjoy a few pictures of this lovely lady!!!

She is about a year  old in these photographs. 


 Pen pals

Clava is corresponding with Gordi. He is her best friend, though living far away: in Finland! Gordi is a blue tabby mackerel stud, who has his own website for Siberian Cats. >

< This is his banner. You will find a lot of Siberians over there from all over the world: Finland of course and Japan, US, Germany, Russia......  Another banner of Gordi is linked to his website in our links page 
Christmas 2000: Clava went to see her boyfriend, Gr.Int.Ch. Larissa's Malenko. 
March 25th 2001 the result came: a little black tabby mackerel-white baby boy was born. See more of him and his proud parents in his own page.
April 10th, 2002: Clava went to visit her second lover: Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Iwanka Nordlicht. Their babies were born July 12th 2002. Find their five little balls of fur over here.
More pictures will follow!