Indies second litter with Calle av Froskeland: Solvaks, Solvar and Solveigh.


born June 17th, 2000

The proud father, Int. Ch. Calle av Froskeland. We chose him for his triangular face and good chin and above all: his great temper! We came to know him well over the past few months: he's just great!!!! 

More on Froskeland can be found in our link page.

Meet the gang: 1 hour old  3 weeks old

found people who are willing to be his devoted servants....


has found his people too! 


has found her new humans...

Indy with her 3 little ones, about 3.5 weeks of age. Solvaks thought getting his mothers' milk is too much trouble, he liked it better to be bottle fed. And he still did, at the age of almost 6 weeks! Solvar and Solveigh are more the grown up-food type...
All kittens come when called, and they love to sit with us every time we sit down! 
right: "Auntie" Guilty with Solvar, 5.5 weeks old

down left: Solveigh  playing with a box, 5.5 weeks old

down right: Solvar just looking very cute.....

Solvaks almost as big as he is in reality: 5.5 weeks old.
above left: Solveigh 7 weeks old

above right: Solvaks, 7 weeks old, with "auntie" Guilty

right: Solvaks and Solveigh fighting, 8 weeks old

         8 weeks old and looking more like his dad every day: Solvar!!!!



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