Gr.Int.Ch. Calle av Froskeland


This is our pride and joy! Calle was born November 5th 1998 in a litter of 5 boys. He has the sweetest temper, he loves to sit with his humans for hours and he "nibbles" our fingers and toes, just because he loves us so much! This is quite extraordinary, because he came to live with us as he was one and a half years old. We should have taken him in much earlier, because now it is very hard to join him with the group of cats he should be living with! Calle does not accept other adult tomcats, neutered or otherwise, if he hasn't been living with them from childhood. Which is normal and understandable, he's the big guy now!! Calle has fathered several litters already: at the bottom of this page you will find the links to his kittens. 
In this picture he is about 6 months old.
Only 14 months old, Calle got his second title (International Champion). He has looked down from the stage more than once!
Apart from his temper Calle has some very special features: his nose line is as straight as can be, he has the softest coat I ever felt with long silky hair and a beautiful ruff in the winter. The red is deep and the white is brighter than snow! He is blotched with clear markings. Now that he's an adult, his big ears are almost too wide apart with great tuffs on top. As you can see in the pictures down lower, his head is a perfect triangle. On top of all these great characteristics his tail is long with thick bones, he has sturdy, muscular legs and a wide chest. He is quite heavy, but has no fat at all! As he will continue to grow for some time, I'm sure he'll end up being a big, heavy and very strong cat, that is only manageable because of his lovable character.
In this picture Calle is a little over  9 months old.
Calle in the age of 6 weeks, with his mom and brothers and all by himself....
Already he had some very promising features: good setting of the ears, long nose; recognize him on the far right? His brothers and he kept mama Edrikke quite busy, getting into trouble all the time!
He got his deep color from his mom, she has a lovely warm torbie.
Calle is about 14 weeks old in these pictures..... .......and already so lovable!
Calles father Int. Ch. Bennetøn Svolvaer         Calles mother Ch. Edrikke Svolvaer
And this is Calle in the winter! The picture was taken January 2000, just before he reached his second title. By the end of April he moved in with us and started his "new" life as a stud.

More on Froskeland can be found in the link page.


June 17th 2000 Calle had 3 kittens with Ingeborg av Litte Kattestupet.
May 2nd 2001 Calle had 4 kittens with Moondust's Guilty.
May 14th 2001 Panthera Chat du Nord had his kittens...... More about Panthera can be found in the home page of her breeders and owners. Find the link to Chat du Nord in our links page!
January 8th 2002 Sharikenzo's Yayla had 5 kittens, fathered by Calle. A link to Sharikenzo can be found in our links page.

Not the best of pictures, but just to give you an idea of what he looks like in Winter... These pictures were taken February 2001. His face hasn't changed much in years' time!

And neither has his profile...

June 28th 2002 Jasmijn and Calle became the proud parents of 6 babies!


February 26th 2005 Pippi gave birth to 3 red & white kittens sired by Calle