Guilties'  litter with Calle


date of birth: May 2nd, 2001

Moondust's Guilty Gr.Int.Ch. Calle av Froskeland

4 little treasures were born:

1) black tortie tabby mackerel w/ white girl

2) black tabby mackerel w/ white boy

3) black tabby mackerel w/ white boy

4) black tortie tabby mackerel w/ white girl

For two weeks and a half the new mother hardly left the box in which she had given birth.
We call them: 




Damaris is going to live in Germany, at the Moondust's cattery.

Daniel Daniel & David will be living in our home town. Together they will teach their new human lady how to take care of them.


We are very pleased that they will stay together, as they are the best of friends already!!

Deborah Deborah has found the lady human of her choice too... She will be living together with two lovely Maine Coons. 
The first trip out of their cosy box the kittens made with their mommy was to the freshly filled kitten litter tray. They had so much fun there, I decided to take a picture of it, even if the picture would turn out to be a kind of looking funny. I had a hard time finding out which side was up!! The kitten looking up is David. He is still looking like a black & white boy, although it was already visible he is going to be a marvelous black tabby & white tom cat. The other kitten with her eyes open is Damaris. She is also looking like a non-agouti, but she has developed the most wonderful mackerel tabby stripes in the mean time. Take a close look at the bottom side of David's paw.... All four are like that!! And he has the sweetest black lower lip. I love all of Guilties' little ones, but David stole my heart. We are not able to keep him, so lucky for us he is staying in the neighborhood. He has the sweetest temper and comes definitely very close to my perfect kitten! 
These pictures have been taken at the age of 4 weeks, as they came out of the birthing chamber for the first time and had a whole new world to discover... 




....and David.....

It's funny how the brain works: you think you have taken pictures from all possible angles and of all possible poses, and when the film gets developed, it becomes clear that you've almost missed one of the precious babies....  and taken a lot of pictures of another one, that you tend to overlook...


Deborah has been a little shy from the beginning. She didn't like to be picked up or get petted, but after getting a bit older, she started to get a liking for things. Where her brothers decide it would be nice to sit upon a human being, she thinks it's much nicer to sit at his feet, so one has to be very careful not to tread on her. However she was the first one to use her little purring machine: not even one hour old and she already purred. I couldn't believe my ears at first, kittens are supposed to start doing that when they are about a week old!  
This little bowl has been a place of reference for a short time.
Whenever they got tired of nosing around and playing they would retire next to it or in it.....
....alone or with as many as possible....

As they grow older I'm sure they will find other places to sleep!! 



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