Moondust's Guilty

born November 8th 1997

died February 21st, 2003

Claudia of cattery Moondust's: we are in debt to you for this incredible girl. Although she was supposed to go back to you again she is home now with us, and she is just amazing. We love her to bits!!
How Guilty became ours:

As Guilty was about 1 years old she came to us to be served by Einar, but somehow it just didn't work out. In the mean time she got used to living with us so well, her breeder and we decided she should stay for good. After Einar had been trying for a year, Calle came to live with us and he succeeded at 'only' the 3rd attempt. I guess she is quite hard to get pregnant somehow.... She's 3 years old as I am writing this. The litter that was born December 27th 2000 didn't live.


In this picture Guilty is about 8 months old.

I was sure that Guilties' babies would make up for the long time we had to wait for them. Guilty is very open towards visitors and also very curious! When the New Years' fireworks go off, Guilty has no fear what so ever. All the cats are hiding and she comes out to see what is going on. I heard from Hercules' owners (Guilties' full brother from a later litter) he comes up to the top floor and watches the fireworks with them! It runs in the family I guess....

Guilty is only 6 weeks old here. Her ears are pretty high placed, which gives her the look of being always  surprised. Besides the funny placing of her ears she has a very strong chin and a perfectly straight nose line. 

Guilty at the age of 5 months, her color still developing. You can see the expression in her eyes, which I think is great. Her eyes have a nice shape and she has an alert look to her. This cat can play by herself for hours, especially when she is alone in the garden. She can come and lie down next to you to be petted for a little while and then she's off again, hunting  straws flying in the wind. 

Her parents can be seen in the special page of Moondust

Top: here  she is, lying on our kitchen floor. Guilty has a way of finding the most impossible places to lie down and enjoying them thoroughly. She loves it when we softly rub her tummy. 2 Years old here....

She is a great aunt! Indies S-litter gave her the opportunity to get some practice. Here she is with Solvar, who absolutely adored Guilty and was never too far away from her. About 2 years old in this picture...

Right: in January 2001 her three year younger sister Jasmijn came to live with us too. She is a lot like her big sister, she also has a mind of her own. She will have her own page some time in the future. Come back to see her pictures!

May 2nd 2001 Guilty surprised us with 4 beautiful precious little kittens!

Meet Damaris, Daniel, David and Deborah!

From the age of 3 Guilty has been suffering from gum problems now and then, but during pregnancy and feeding her kittens she seemed fine. Shortly after the kittens had left however, her gum problems came back and became worse and worse. We decided to have her spayed, as this would probably help her to get well. And indeed: her problems were less after the operation for quite a while!

This is Guilty all over. A happy cat, that is  enjoying life to the fullest!! The garden is her favorite spot next to our laps and her food bowl! Guilty really has a good appetite and can eat eat eat. She is a "bit" overweight, or -as her breeder would say- "underbig"....

Down: Guilty at one of the happiest times of her life: when her litter was a few weeks old and she felt sure enough to leave them alone for a little while. 

As the gum problems grew worse, we tried to find a cure. Every time we needed to treat her with antibiotics and after some time with pain killers too, I hoped this time would be the time she would get better and be able to lead a normal life. We visited a specialist, who told us to take all teeth out. I felt great resistance against this, as Guilties' teeth at least were healthy! October 2002 we had the teeth removed at last, and it did work for some time: Guilty really got better than she had been for a long time. She had neglected her coat for some time by then, as licking hurt too much. She was looking kind of scruffy, with a lot of mats and knots, even on her legs.... She started to groom again!
By the end of January 2003 I took her in for a check up and it wasn't good at all. Again her gums had started to swell and bleed, and she needed steroids again. She had not reacted to steroids before, so we took refuge to another kind of drug, that is converted to steroids by the body itself: Alopectyl. This is a hormonal drug, that can only be given to girls if they're neutered, otherwise they may get endometritis or pyometra. The drug did its' job well, her gums were looking almost normal. And then she suddenly got very sick and died within the week....
We were stunned!
Our vet was almost certain he wouldn't find a cause for her death. So when he did the post mortem, he was very surprised to find that Guilty had a heart, that was totally and completely out of balance. This is called Decompensatio Cordis and I hope to collect information on this disease to put in our web site.

We miss our happy, loving Guilty. She stole our hearts and took a piece of it with her when she died....

"Without you we are not complete"

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