Panthera Chat du Nord
had a litter with Calle

Born May 14th 2001


They had 8 kittens: 4 black&white boys, one black tabby mackerel w/ white boy, one black tortie tabby mackerel w/ white girl and two black tortie w/ white girls: the one color I've wanted to have for so long, were born in this litter!!
I went to see them on August 9th, as they had just turned 12 weeks old. The smallest kitten had a weight of 1650+ grams and the heaviest boy was  a bit over 2 kilos. I was really surprised at these good weights! And I was even more surprised when I got to see the gang: big, strong, relaxed, open minded, active... well... most of them were after some time.... I hope you like these babies as much as I did!!
Let me start with my favorite little guy, a black&white boy, who kept following me around and even came sit with me!

  The breeder said that this little guy was always sleeping when she wanted to take his picture. Over here he just woke up. Then he got so active I couldn't get him in front of the camera. But later... well: take a look!

Would it be possible to get all

8 of them in one picture?
First try: let's play a little game! I can see 7 kittens and a tail. Does that count too?
Second try: food. Hmm.... interesting! But not to all 8 of them!
Take a little walk, play another game.... Nope!
Yes! Here they are: all kittens of Calle and Panthera are in! Don't ask me how though....

Three little sisters!

Naughty? Who? Me???
This girl  stayed in the cattery.

Do you want to know a secret?

Yes yes, tell me!

What secret? What are you whispering over there?!

Nothing, it's nothing.


Than what are you giggling about?

Giggling? Who, me?!

Oh, c'mon, you must have misheard or some thing....

I'd swear I heard you giggle!

I know I took pictures of all kittens, we made sure all of them were in front of the lens. But it's pretty hard to tell 4 black&white boys apart if you haven't seen them grow up!


It's a good life here, at Chat du Nord!!