"Life is good over here. Plenty of  food...

.....plenty of nice places to sleep...

....as I said: plenty of nice places to sleep!"
Kalisa left home a few months after Kira. She is living with 8 Maine Coons, a Persian queen and her very own boyfriend: Ananko du Palais "Monplaisir"!! Ananko is a seal tabby point boy. In the pictures above Kalisa is about 6 months old. Her tail is getting bushy and she has started to grow a ruff. 

Kalisa and Ananko in the garden. It's very safe this way and they just love to go out and play! The picture was taken march 2002.  

Here she is taking over from the real momma, who has gone for a little walk... We were looking forward to seeing Kalisas' kittens about a year from this pic, and then some thing unexpected happened: she got Pyometra and had to be neutered. All's well that ends well, she was going to stay and help the other moms raise their babies, but then once more the unexpected happened: she started to feel very unhappy there.....

Kalisa had to be rehomed.
And here she is, in her new home! Doesn't look unhappy to me any more!



These pictures were taken August 27th 2003, when Kalisa was just over 2 years old. She's living with a loving family and a dog right now. Well, actually: they are living with her rather!