Jungle babies

5 weeks

Kalisa has this way of looking at you and make you go aw and aah. But beware: she is a little wolf in sheep's clothes!! Her teeth are razor-sharp and her nails prick like fine needles.

Of course I'm just kidding here. All kittens have those teeth and nails! She has all kinds of funny ways of getting ones' attention, like climbing upon a knee and sitting there for a few minutes, watching what her humans are doing. I'll try to make a picture of that!!

In this period we were visited by Michael and Beate Schulz. Beate took this picture of Kalisa and she also put the frame around it for my birthday. I think this is a very nice present!!

How can a little sister top that?

Only by looking even more cute, I guess,
which is very very difficult! 



 Two more pictures of Daddy Feofan in his own home in Germany.... so you can see where the girls get their looks from!!


Copyright of these pictures by Viktoria Röntgen




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