Julka's first litter: with Enzo.


born: August 3rd, 2001.


Picture made by Viktoria Röntgen. Please respect her copyright!

Kalisa was born first, weighing 124 grams. She is a black silver tortie tabby mackerel w/ white girl.

And this is Kira, born with 108 grams on the scale. She is a blue silver tortie tabby mackerel w/ white girl. 

These pictures are taken the day after they were born.  

Kalisa and Kira 1 week old, 

10 days of age.......

It took a few days extra for the girls to open their eyes completely, but when they did they started to explore the box, then the square meter I restricted them to, and soon the entire living room was unsafe for their curiosity! 

Kalisa and Kira are 3½ weeks old here. 

Lower down: Kira doesn't mind Tasha washing her! Tasha is a black smoke queen. The difference between black smoke and blue silver tortie is quite clear here. Tasha is the grand aunt of the two girls. Daddy Feofan (a red cameo)  is the son of Tashas' brother Bogislav,.  


Both Kalisa and Kira love to sit with us. They have discovered what their nails true function is: they are for climbing up humans' legs, playing with humans' feet, trying out what material humans' faces are made of. . . Just kidding!  

One month old here!


The art of falling asleep over ones' dinner. . . . 

4 weeks old 

5 weeks old 




4 weeks old and soooo cute! ^

5 weeks old and totally adorable >

These girls are heart breakers first class!

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