Galina Julka


born: November 12th, 2000

I'm extremely grateful to all people who helped this girl come into my life. She's a gem and my dearly beloved lap kitty!! What a cuddler....

the following pictures are made by Viktoria Röntgen. Please respect the copyrights!

Julka came to Europe March 31st, 2001.  She was going to live with a family in Germany, but her new owners changed their mind.  Until other humans were found, willing to be her devoted "tinopeners", Viktoria Röntgen, her husband and their children provided the loving family Julka needed so badly. Then my husband learned of this little darling and decided she was going to be mine. Together with Uschi Aps, our friend and breeder of Iz Ermitage Benjuschka Tasha and Iz Ermitage Clava Magadanovna, he made up a story, so I would get her to Holland without suspecting what was in store.

June 23rd, a week after I brought Pippi into our home, I drove to Viktorias' house to get Julka to Holland.  I really had a very hard time not to fall in love with her!!!

So there she was: sitting in the small pet cabin she was transported in, a little uncertain with all the new things happening to her, and me, being tired and a bit sad because she was going to leave the same evening again... Then  my husband finally revealed the true nature of my mission: I had driven the long road only to get my own cat!! For a moment I thought he was joking, but since my husband doesn't make fun in these matters, I started to realize that she was going to stay with us.

I was sitting on cloud 9 for that weekend....
Viktoria was very happy for  Julka and for me too of course!
Julka is 5 months old in the pictures above.

 This is Julka on our window sill, completely at home and 7 months old. I guess she can sleep comfortably anywhere!

Julka is a silent cat, due to a hoarse throat. It's not clear when she got it or why.  She can purr though!
After she had been with us for a few days, I took her to the vet to introduce Julka to her new doctor. He gave her  a thorough check up and discovered she was pregnant.  He thought she was in about her 8th or 9th  week, so she was going to have her babies any minute. We all were devastated. Only 7 months old and already going to be a mother! Viktoria never noticed any thing funny in her behaviour, even having been around cats for almost all her life, so pretty much an expert on queens in heat....
Luckily Julka took another 5½ weeks before se went into labor. She got two beautiful daughters. Take a look at them!