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Dariia The history of the "Sibis" is as much of a puzzle as the Weggies' one: this breed was forged by Mother Nature herself! It is the natural semi-longhair house cat of Russia, and since Russia is a big country, there are some big differences within the breed too. There are many standards, "to make things worse". So where did I find "my" standard and how do I read it? 



Mura Vera

The Siberian Cat has some very special features, that not many breeds have. For example: they are said to be hypo-allergenic. This is great news for people, who have allergic reactions to cats! And already more than one Siberian has made an allergic person very happy with its company. Their saliva is said to miss this one enzyme, that causes the reaction in many allergic people. So if that is your problem, this might be THE breed for you!!!!
Most Siberians are great cuddlers! They love to be with their human friends, to "help" with anything they think you might need their help for, they are nosey, playful... Just great fun to be around! Our Clava can sit in front of me and ask me to pick her up. Then she puts her paws around my neck and wants to be caressed and held for quite some time, before jumping off and play her games again. Tasha can follow me for hours and walk in front of me, asking me to sit down. If I comply, she jumps on my lap, lies down to be stroked for 10 minutes and then off she is again, completely satisfied for .... let's say an hour...? Any closet we open, gets a full inspection, any bag, that enters the house, is being "nosed through"....
They listen to their names. I've heard that in more occasions: owners call their cat by name and they react. Almost dog-like, but with the dignity of a cat! It is said that they guard their homes in rural Russia. Well... some do and not only on farms: they walk the visitor to the door, not to say goodbye but to make sure this person really leaves their property!!