Buian Malenkovich Nezhny Woin


born: march 25th 2001

5 months old, sleeping with Julka leaning on his back.


6 months old in these pics and pursuing one of his all time favorite pass times: exploring the garden and every thing in it! This time it's a motor bike. Isn't he looking like the best Norwegian Forest Cats ever? I bet he will develop into a great Siberian Cat though!



Buian the way he was looking at his first Christmas... Every thing in the right place in the right amount! Just a little bit more growth and there he would be: our perfect stud!


Buian 2 months later in our new cabinet. He is almost 1 year old now!



Buian on top of the same cabinet, but now 2 years old. See what male hormones have done to my lovely boy? They have made a *man* out of him!!

On June 3rd & 4th, Tasha gave birth to Buians' first offspring. They had six babies, 3 girls and 3 boys, born in that order as well. We had a good laugh.....

September 2003.
New Years' Day 2004, with the sun just striking his left ear.... 










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