Tashas' second litter: with Buian


born on June 3rd & 4th, 2003
1 Female 85 gram black  tabby mackerel w/white Mila Tikoush B.  Nezhny Woin


2 Female 91 gram black tabby mackerel w/white Mura Buianovna  Nezhny Woin

stays with us

3 Female 77 gram black tabby mackerel w/ white Marfa Buianovna Nezhny Woin

died August30th, 2004 *

4 Male 92 gram black silver tabby mackerel Malenko Buianovich Nezhny Woin


5 Male 78 gram black  silver tabby mackerel Mikhail Poema B.  Nezhny Woin


6 Male 94 gram black silver tabby mackerel Magadan Buianovich  Nezhny Woin


Tasha taking care of her kittens, 8 days old in this picture.


I had expected a lot of different possibilities, but not 6 black tabby mackerel kittens! Still there might be a chance for some of these little "wogglers" to be black silver, with white or blue (silver) tabby mackerel. Right now (10 days old) I can only make black (or: brown) tabbies out of them. Time will tell!


Here are some pictures of four of the kittens, taken when they were 12 days old. I'm still having a very hard time recognizing them from a picture! As you can see the little guy in the middle on the left is giving a hint of being a silver. I have tried to size down the pictures  so the kittens would be as big as in true life, but some how all but the little guy in the middle turned out a bit larger....



This is Mikhail, two weeks old and on the red couch for the very first time. And all by himself too!!

Either Malenko or Magadan..... I'm not sure, as they were looking very much alike at this age! 

I think this is Magadan though, because Magadan has a little bump on his nose, just like his mommy, and Malenko doesn't. But still.... very hard to tell!

This is Marfa at the tender age of 2 weeks. See her little white spot on the belly? 

Little Mura.....       

and last but not least: Mila!

and here is Mikhail again, asleep.... 3weeks old BTW!

Mila after a good wash-up..... also 3 weeks old.

Mila getting a big kiss from mommy.

Tasha taking a break!

 The next pictures were taken July 29th 2003. The kittens are 8 weeks old here.
Mila had found herself a cap to sleep on. They have this funny habit of finding things to sleep on or in...
Mura is now the smallest of the litter. She has had some severe set backs, loosing a lot of weight and only slowly regaining what was lost. But she is lively and hungry, so I guess she'll be back in no time!
Marfa in a flower pot. The plant had died previously and I never bothered to take the pot out. The kittens think this is one heck of a place to take a nap and have a good time!
Malenko had found himself a news paper on the floor and was lying there together with Mura. He is the smallest of the boys right now, but we trust he will grow into a big sturdy adult some day....
I only have this rather vague picture of Magadan on his own at this age, sorry!

Mikhail and Marfa looking just too cute!

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