Mila Tikoush


born June 3, 2003

died Jan. 10, 2006 after a car accident

A few pictures, taken the day before she left:

It was Tuesday October 14th 2003 and a beautiful day to make a little trip up north..... The day I brought the first born girl from Buian and Tasha to her new family. She didn't say a meow all journey and slept through most of the travelling part. Then the exciting part of the day started: meeting her new family!
First of all: Willow, the resident boy.

Willow is a Siberian Cat of about 7.5 - 8 years old. He was bred in Holland. Willow is a blue silver tabby mackerel boy.

And of course the human family:

She had found the scratching post real fast! This is a lovely place to rest.... 

On June 6th, 2005, Tikoush became the proud mom of five kittens!! Take a look at their own page....





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