Kittens at cattery Tikoush!!


born: June 6th 2005

mother Tikoush in february 2005

father Vinnie Pookh; blue silver tabby blotched

1 male  125 gram black tabby mackerel Teigertje


2 female  110 gram black tabby blotched Snoopy


3 female  110 gram black tabby blotched Pikachu


4 male  105 gram black tabby blotched Balou


5 female  125 gram black tabby blotched Nikita

stays in cattery

Snoopy just born

Balou just born

Teigertje just born

Nikita just born

Pikachu just born

^ Here they are all five together, about 1 week old.



The kittens are 6 weeks old already!! 
All 5 cuddled together for a good sleep-in....

.....and in for some action!!!

In the next pictures the kittens are about 9 weeks old:  
Little Teigertje (Tigger) is very curious about the camera! 

Pikachu couldn't care less: it's sleeping time!!
Snoopy helping out with the dishes..... in her own way of course!!

Lazy Teigertje.......


I visited the kittens when they were 12 weeks old. 

Little Teigertje asleep......

Balou and Nikita...

 ......Snoopy on the door mat....... 
 ....and Pikachu in the sun! 

Here you can see their beautiful patterns! I was stunned to see those gorgeous blotched kittens. 
And Teigertjes' fine mackerel tabby as well.....

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These kittens all have found good homes, but if you are interested in future kittens of this cattery please contact their breeders Marjolein Kleijnjan and Lex de Jong.

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