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We still have a couple of young adult Norwegian Forest Cats from our cattery that are available for loving and for ever homes. Click here to find them.

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How it all got started


Welcome to our homepage. 

As you can see we are breeders of two unique and lovely cat breeds: Norwegian Forest Cats since 1997, and Siberian Cats since 2001. 

You can visit the sections of this web site and their individual pages by pressing the buttons on the left of this page and then following the little pictures on the page you're visiting. We hope that you will have a good time "pawing" though our web site and looking at our beloved cats. If you want to send us an e-mail, please don't hesitate: just press the yawning kitten  (and give it something to do......) We read and speak Dutch, English and German!

I have made two new pages I have not added to the button bar, that is situated at the bottom of each page. This is done on purpose: the specials are for short term items only and the cherished memories are about our beloved cats that have left us. 


Parts of this site are still under construction, we're sorry about that!!


Jack & Marijke Sliphorst, Netherlands.



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These lovely cats have been made by Lucy. More on her and her website can be found at 'links'.



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Parts of these new pages are still under construction, but we hope to update them very soon!

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