In this page you can find links to pages especially made for short term purposes, like friends with kittens but no home page of their own (yet), offspring of our kittens of which we are very proud -of course!!-, studs we have visited that are not in the internet yet .......

The first cat I would like to introduce to you is Laksjøens Jonas  This beautiful black tabby blotched w/ white Norwegian Forest Cat has sired the first litter of our girl Pippi (*S Mar'Michel's  Madame Pikachu). I have known him since he came to the Netherlands from Norway to live with dear breeder friends of ours and have loved him ever since. We are very proud that he is the father of one of the most wonderful litters we've ever had!
The second cat is a stud also, and he is willing to serve young ladies who have had their shots and are treated against fleas and worms! Check him out: Buddy, a.k.a. Narviks Reth Butler, a red w/ white Norwegian Forest Cat 

Buddy has been neutered early Summer 2006. Please check his page for his offspring.




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