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Pippi On this page we would like to tell you something about the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFO or NFC). Its' history, as far as it can be known.... For the cats don't say much on this subject. Maybe they consider it of lesser importance than being in the here and now, and living with the creatures they love so well: us humans..... 

The "Wegie" is a semi-longhaired cat. This gene for long hair is recessive to the dominant gene for short hair. When and where it came into being is not exactly known, fact is it was there to stay! Because circumstances were more favorable to these semi-longhaired cats in the extreme  regions of our world: they survived the bitter cold of Norwegian winters with more ease than their shorthaired feline friends would have, so they were able to conquer the forests and farms of Norway and stay there!

It's not certain how they got to Norway in the first place. Were they there when the Vikings started to roam the seas, and did they bring them along to keep the rats and mice from their rations? Did they find the cats in Europe, Asia or the Middle East, and brought them home for their rodent-controlling skills?

They managed to find their way into the Vikings' hearts however, and into their stories: in 12th century hymns they pull the fiery wagon of the goddess Freya along the skies each day: the rising of the sun. I would say that's quite an important place in history!


Jasmijn Harald
At some point the Norwegian people started to import cats again: shorthaired cats came to live in their houses and -of course- started to mix with the cats that already were there! The original breed of Norway began to decrease in numbers and would have gone extinct forever if it wouldn't have been for some breeders, who saw what was happening! In the 70's the Norwegian Forest Cats became a breed officially and since then they have conquered the world.