Clava's third litter: with Buian.

born: February 16th, 2006

Mommy Clava with Nezhdan 8 days old.... 

Daddy Buian

1 male 109 grams red tabby point

Nezhdan Buianovich 

found a loving home
2 female 94 grams tortie tabby w/ white

Nezhdana Buianovna

died Jan. 20 2006

Clava with Nezhdan sleeping on her tail.
I often find him like that!


The pictures above were the first I took of the little family, the day little baby girl died. She is not in the pictures.... From day 1 little Nezhdana started to loose weight and never gained one single gram. I felt like she couldn't swallow, but that doesn't seem to have been the problem. Our vet thinks she had a congenital heart failure, that would never have allowed her to grow at all, and she just didn't have the time to swallow being short of breath, nor did she have the room for milk, as she was building up fluid in her lungs. It was very sad to have to let her go, but this knowledge helps somewhat to accept her premature death. Clava never rejected her either, she took care of her even after she had gone.

Day 8: Nezhdan asleep. His eyes are almost open already. But in these pictures he is doing what young kittens do second best.

He's our little polar bear: a big kitten with large paws and a cute fat belly!

Two weeks old in these pictures and I think our assumption that he is a red point, is slowly turning out to be true......


Picture taken on March 6th, 2006: Nezhdan is sleeping next to his mom, 2 weeks old here!

Nezhdan's first time out of the birthing box: a bit overwhelmed by all new impressions! March 10th, under the heater element in the back room. We decided it was too early to let him roam the entire room, so we built him an enclosure for the weeks to come.

March 13th, and you can really see his color coming through!!

If Nezhdans' eyes are going to be as deep blue as his fathers' eyes are green, we're in for a real treat here...

Clava is a super-mom: she'll have any kitten come in and have sip, along with her little one....
In this case: big sister Dariia is taking advantage of Clavas' good will!

Nezhdan is training very seriously to become a lap cat!!

Almost 5 weeks old here.

We were kind of surprised at the speed of developement Nezhdan is showing at this stage. He suddenly climbed up a little box and fell asleep there.

Picture taken the same day.

Coming downstairs a few hours later, finding him not in the enclosure but..... on the couch!!

 ......Yes, it's really Nezhdan.......

......showing off his newly found freedom!

Almost 6 weeks old in the next pictures (taken by Carsten Oosting). Just look at those blue eyes!!

Still waiting for the 7 week old pictures.... 

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