born: June 4th 2003



This is Magadan 18 weeks old. He is the sweetest boy of the world, but his frown won't convince any one of that fact.... The best way to get a good first impression of Magadan is simple: come over for a visit and meet him! He is really a sweet boy, often coming to us for a cuddle or some quality lap time.

19 weeks old.
7 months old.

8 months old from the side....
11 months old

Magadan left for his new owners by the end of November 2004, about 18 months old. He went together with his brother Malenko. Here they are at Christmas 2004:

Right at home, or what?!?!

All was well, and they were having a good life, until Malenko got sick and died on May 5th 2006. Magadan was left alone. His people decided to get him a new friend: his half brother Nezhdan! 
 Nezhdan brought new action into his life being naughty, inquisitive and down right cheeky at times! But Nezhdan seems to be exactly what Magadan needs to have more fun in his life, and Magadan is the brother that will teach Nezhdan manners. Not only do they play fight a lot, they also lay down together.  




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