Sassa's second litter: with Ch. Thule's Sn°prinsen

born: October 16, 2006

Ch. Thule's Sn°prinsen (Prins)

Sassa av Litte Kattestupet

Find out more about Prins in his personal page in this web site or click the link to see the breeders web site: Thule's.  Astrid, we are very grateful for Sn°prince's kittens! 
1  male 120 grams red tabby blotched w/ white Leif av Litte Kattestupet moved to his new people
2 female 104 grams black tortie tabby w/ white (harlequin) LiseLotta av Litte Kattestupet moved to her new people 
3  male 118 grams red tabby mackerel w/ white Lars av Litte Kattestupet moved together with Leif 

boy 1 en profile

boy 2 en profile

And the little girl en profile twice! All pictures were taken on the second day after they were born.

One week old: the little girl is in my husbands' hands and Sassa is checking if she's safe. 

All three kittens together in their birthing box. They are growing like weed!

Two weeks old and already starting to play together.
The first born boy en profile. Picture taken October 31, 2006, more than life size. This kitten was weighing 377 grams last night.

The girl en profile. Picture taken October 31, 2006, more than life size. She was weighing 337 grams last night.

The third born kitten en profile. Picture taken October 31, 2006, more than life size. He was weighing 371 grams last night.

I need names for these little teddy bears!!

Sunday November 5: we decided on names last night: Leif, LiseLotta and Lars. Tomorrow I will take new pictures, they will be 3 weeks old then. They have started to come out of their birthing box to explore the world.
Sassa decided it was time to lay down outside of the box and her babies followed her. But soon they were walking around all by themselves, a mere three weeks old! Brave little babes!!

Leif...... and...... Lars

LiseLotta and Sassa: "When I grow up, I want to be just like my Mommy!"

Once they started to enjoy their new found freedom too much and were running around in the kitchen a bit too often, we decided to put up the "big box" (a card board box of about 1 square meter ground space and about 50 centimeters high all around) and they were happy there for about 1 week and 2 days. Pictures of that period - 4 weeks old:  



LiseLotta and Lars play fighting......


5 weeks old in the next pictures:




Leif 6 weeks old: 

Lars & LiseLotta 6 weeks old: 


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